About HT Design

HT Design is a niche manufacturer of home theater seating. HT Design was developed in 2014 as a seating line to meet the needs of 21st century furniture for family entertainment rooms, dedicated theater rooms and high-tech multi-use media rooms in today's modern homes. We have over 20,000 customers mainly in the US that enjoy the comforts and features of our seating line. HT Design is a direct to consumer retailer we do not sell through dealers, that way you save money as you don't have retailer mark up by a dealer. You can now buy quality seating direct from HT Design the manufacturer and reasonable prices. HT Design was developed by HTmarket, a 20+ year home theater online retailer. HTmarket set out to develop a seating line designed for discerning customers that have special requirements for today's media room spaces. HT Design was not started by a furniture manufacturer but by people who understand home theater. Therein is the difference in our seating designs versus cookie cutter big box furniture store selection. You won't find a better designed or built theater seat in the marketplace. Check our reviews on, link to here

Contact Information

Parent Company:
MarketWare Technologies, Inc.
5215 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone Orders Toll Free: 1-888-764-9273
Fax Orders: (773) 728-8150

Normal Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm, CST
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